Anonymous: Do you have kik?



Anonymous: Cutest girl you have ever seen on tumblr?


Anonymous: That message was alot longer but it was cut short. I just genuinely wished you weren't like others. I wished you would open your eyes a little wider and saw clearly what was right in front of you. Have a good day

What do you mean by “saw clearly what was right in front of you”? There is nothing in front of me but a computer screen with a message from an anonymous person… what is there to see?

Anonymous: Hi there can I just say a couple of things? You’re absolutely beautiful and subtle from what I see but sometimes you’re like every other hot black guy out there…wanting huge ass,tits and sexy face. As harsh as I may sound, don’t take it to heart, take it into consideration. Sometimes ass,face and tits aren’t always what makes a girl. By saying that, you may have added a little sorrow into a girl that longed for you as in maybe she doesn’t have the ass or boobs you desire. Choose someone who you

Thanks for the compliments but I like ass, a sexy face, and tits.. so I guess I am “like every other hot black guy out there”

come2nessy: Umh hi..<3 you are super cute, you and kota would be the cutest couple omg! okay bye :D

Thanks & tell her that lol :)